Realistic Serenity

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When you're expecting a child, everyone tells you how fun it will be, and they're right, but it can also be really challenging.  There's really no way to prepare for suddenly needing to be at someone's beck and call 24/7.  I recently had a baby, and I remember the moment that I realized I would never again (or at least for a very long time) just get up and go somewhere.  No more impromptu stops, no more simply "running in" to places.  I have an internal map of every neighborhood establishment with a drive-through!  Throw in work commitments, maintaining a relationship with your significant other, managing co-parenting after a divorce, or working out schedules with step-parents, in addition to just maintaining your own sanity, and you suddenly have a very full plate!  Having an outlet to express all of these emotions and stressors without the fear of being judged can make all the difference.  I am happy to work with couples, including step-parents, on parenting challenges.  If you're a new parent who is struggling with being overwhelmed by all of the new responsibilities, pack up your child in that infant carrier and bring them to your session with you!  I want my office to be a place where you feel safe, respected and comfortable.  

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