Realistic Serenity

Jennifer Shivey MA, LPC, RPT, EMDR 

Melyssa Stout MSW, LCSW

Amanda Cosel MA, LPCC

Offering individual, couples, family and child counseling to the Denver metro area


Are you short on time?  Do you have a busy work schedule or you're a new parent?  Sometimes the pressures of needing to be somewhere are part of the reason you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and therapy just seems like one more thing to add to the list.  If you have an area at your office or home that's private and an internet connection, I can help to bring support straight to you!  I am more than happy to offer Colorado residents counseling services via internet.  I do prefer to have an initial face-to-face meeting in my office if possible, but after that most sessions can be completed online (EMDR and Play Therapy cannot be provided online).  This is perfect for the busy person in corporate America that can close their office for an hour over a lunch break, a new parent that can talk while their little one is napping or otherwise occupied (I'm a mom too - background babbling doesn't phase me!) or just anyone that has difficulty traveling to recurring appointments.  I do limit this service to Colorado residents, and to adults only - this isn't an appropriate setting for children. So no more excuses!  If you're ready, I'm ready.


Jennifer Shivey, MA, LPC, RPT, EMDR- 303.523.7594

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