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I am so happy to be able to offer mediation services as a part of my practice.  So often we get stuck on a problem with another person or group that we cannot resolve on our own, whether it be due to conflicting values, emotions, desired outcomes or all of the above!  This can include family disputes, work disputes, disagreements about custody arrangements, etc.  It can be court ordered or simply sought out on your own to help resolve a problem.  Mediation is designed to facilitate a confidential conversation about how to resolve an issue.  This does not mean that I will make a decision for you - the decision is always yours to make, but I can help with the process.

Most mediation proceedings can be held at my office, or at an office space across the street from my office.  At the end of a successful mediation you will leave with a signed agreement based on the decision the parties have come to.  My rate for mediation services is $90/hour with a two-hour minimum.  Please contact me for more information on how to start the process.  It's probably easier than you think!      


I am a trained mediator in addition to being a mental health therapist.  Please note that for ethical and practical reasons I cannot be both your therapist and your mediator.  I am happy to refer you to another therapist or another mediator if I am already fulfilling one role.

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