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Socio-Emotional Skills: Initial Intake


Socio-Emotional Skills: Initial Intake


This intake is considered your deposit and will reserve your preschooler’s spot in our program.

Why Socio-Emotional Skills?

Because children aren't born knowing about their emotions and how those emotions can affect their bodies.

When children don't know how to name their emotions or how to recognize and communicate them effectively, they act out in the only way they know how; namely meltdowns and aggression. This group teaches young children how to recognize those emotions as well as what they can do to manage them before they become "too big." There is also an emphasis on social skills, such as working with peers, interacting and communicating with others and having an awareness as to other's feelings.

Who Is This Group For?

Preschoolers, approximately 3 - 5 years old.

Not sure if this is the right group for you or your loved one? Do you know a 2-year old who is almost 3 and would be a perfect fit for this group? Call us! We offer free screening over the phone to help you determine if this is the group you’ve been looking for.

Where and When?

Starting on January 29th, this group will meet at our office every Tuesday at 11AM for a total of 12 weeks.

Facilitated by Danielle Maizel, NLC, RBT. Realistic Serenity is located at i25 and Colorado Blvd.

E-mail or call 720-531-3917 with questions.

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