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How to Get Your Kids to Listen to You by Using Positive Language

“Stop”, “no”, “don’t” and “can’t” are words that children grow up hearing. Whether it is parents, caregivers, teachers, siblings, friends, or media, negative language is everywhere. Kids often hear what adults do not want them to do, instead of what adults want them to do. This is often the difference between negative language and positive language. Studies have shown that changing how adults talk to children have a positive effect on behavior.

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Having a Growth Mindset

By Danielle Maizel

The term “growth mindset” describes an underlying belief about intelligence in which students believe in their ability to get smarter, so they understand that their effort makes them stronger.  “I can’t” statements are changed to “I can’t, YET” in a growth mindset.

Parents! Here is a great tool for teaching your children how to embrace the Power of Yet by teaching them how to problem solve using a growth mindset.

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